Complementing our range of blinds, we introduce Pelmets and Cassettes as an additional enhancement for your space. Opting for Pelmets and Cassettes in Narellan is a choice that adds a touch of refinement, bringing a polished and completed look to your new blinds.

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Versatile Roller Blind Coverage – Pelmets serve as an ideal solution to cover the rollers of your roller blinds, ensuring a neat and unexposed appearance.

Modern Colour Palette – Explore our Cassettes, available in a selection of five modern colours, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your existing decor.

Vertical Pelmets with Alloy and Fabric Insert – Choose Vertical Pelmets crafted with precision using Alloy, featuring a Fabric insert for a sophisticated touch.

Customisation with Fabrics – Personalise your Pelmets and Cassettes by opting for your preferred fabrics, ensuring they harmonise seamlessly with your room’s aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking to conceal roller blinds or add a finishing touch to your new blinds, Pelmets and Cassettes offer a versatile and stylish solution. Explore the possibilities and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space in Narellan.

Pelmet and Cassette Narellan Product Description

Experience sophistication with our diverse offerings:

Vertical Pelmets – Alloy with Fabric Insert, combining durability and refinement.

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Roller Blind Cassettes – Explore 12 Stylish Colours, offering full enclosure for your new roller blinds.

Bonded Facia and Pelmets – Timber-framed and Fabric-covered, providing a timeless and customised touch.

For a complimentary measure and quote, contact us today. Let us bring tailored elegance to your windows, seamlessly blending aesthetics with practicality.


Double Blinds Cassette in situ by Macarthur Home Improvements in South Sydney
Macarthur Blinds Cover Fabric covered Single Cassette Cover

Why our Customers Love Pelmets and Cassettes Narellan

Narellan Pelmets and Cassettes add a touch of sophistication to your window or door coverings, celebrated for their impeccable finishing. Tailored with precision, these enhancements ensure a neat appearance atop your blinds.

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Beyond aesthetics, these additions discreetly conceal the motor mechanism of automated blinds, reflecting our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship. Whether you prefer a contemporary metal cassette or a fabric-bonded pelmet, these options seamlessly complement various blinds.

Elevate your living spaces with the harmonious blend of style and functionality that our Pelmets and Cassettes Narellan bring. Contact us today for a refined window aesthetic and concealed elegance.

What our clients say
More then 60 percent of our clients become repeat customers
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Absolutely outstanding service from beginning to end. David is such a well mannered young man, so courteous and so professional. He’s done an awesome job and I highly recommend him. Thank you so very much.

Kathleen Brown

Tesla EV Charger 120x120 1

They done brilliant work installing my Tesla wall connector! Highly recommended very prompt and clean installation.

Blake Gard

TLP Gallery 6

McGrath Real Estate has been using the Local Plug for quite some time now and he is by the far the best electrician we have worked with. David and Brian look after our landlords and tenants with care and excellent quality of work. They are so prompt and informative with their updates. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Emily Ford

Narellan Pelmets and Cassettes

Achieve a polished finish for your blinds with our exclusive pelmets and cassettes in Narellan. Designed to seamlessly encase the top of your window coverings, these additions bring a refined touch to your spaces.

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Bonded Pelmets Narellan – Crafted from premium craft-wood, these bespoke pelmets can be tailored to specific sizes, ensuring a perfect match with your blinds in width, drop, and depth. Choose from an extensive range of patterned fabrics for a cohesive look.

Roller Cassettes Narellan – Tailored to precise measurements, these roller cassettes come in five powder-coated colours. Alternatively, opt for a personalised touch by covering them in patterned fabric that coordinates seamlessly with your blinds.

Incorporating these additions is a powerful way to achieve a polished look for your windows and sliding doors. Elevate your home effortlessly with these refined additions, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Double Blinds Look Best Under a Pelmet or Cassette in Narellan

Double roller blinds in Narellan offer a practical solution for controlling light throughout the day. One roller diffuses light in daylight hours, while the other blocks out external lights at night. However, the dual rollers can create an unsightly look at the top. This is where a double cassette or pelmet steps in, seamlessly addressing this issue.

At Blinds Narellan, our experience allows us to customise your double blinds for both functionality and an elegant finish. Reach out today for a tailored solution that enhances both style and practicality with a complimentary measure and quote. Let your double blinds shine with a polished, refined look.

Narellan Hide Motorised Blinds’ Mechanism

Many of our clients who opt for motorised blinds in Narellan also choose to include a pelmet or cassette to neatly cover the electric blinds mechanism. This ensures that managing the blinds is both organised and convenient.

We take pride in being a supplier of Somfy Home Automation solutions. Whether you prefer remote control, wall control, mobile phone control, or voice-activated smart home control for your blinds and awnings, we have the full range available. Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss the best motorised blinds options for your Narellan home.

Custom-made Pelmets and Cassettes Narellan

Each home, window, and door are unique, sometimes even within the same room! We take measurements and craft customised pelmets and cassettes that perfectly fit your home. You have the freedom to choose the fabric or aluminium powder coating, resulting in a polished and refined look.

At Blinds Narellan, our team of dedicated experts is eager to assist you in designing the ideal window coverings for your home or office.


Macarthur Blinds Cover Metallic Black Single Cassette Cover


How can Pelmets and Cassettes improve the look of double blinds?

Double roller blinds create an unsightly situation at the top with both rollers being visible. A double cassette or pelmet neatly hides this.

Can Pelmets and Cassettes hide the mechanism of motorised blinds?

Yes, our clients who choose motorised blinds also often choose a pelmet or cassette which neatly fits over the electric blinds mechanism, making blind management both tidy and convenient.

Are the Pelmets and Cassettes custom fit?

Yes, every home, window and door are different, sometimes within the same room. We measure and then make our own pelmets and cassettes to fit perfectly in your home. You choose the fabric or aluminium powder coating for a neat and sophisticated result.