Plantation Shutters stand as sophisticated internal blinds, seamlessly enhancing the allure of your home or office. Their stunning design not only adds style but also ensures optimal privacy and light filtration, all while preserving the scenic views through your windows.

Distinguished by their versatility, Plantation Shutters transcend traditional boundaries. These elegant fixtures can also serve as external features, providing enduring resilience to outdoor elements when crafted with aluminium shutters.

Why our Customers Love Plantation Shutters

Energy Efficiency

Our Plantation Shutters excel in maintaining a comfortable environment year-round by effectively managing heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Aesthetic Charm

Enjoy enduring style with our Plantation Shutters, resilient and adaptable to various home decors. Opt for the right colour and transform your space into a modern haven.


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Enhanced Property Value

Investing in Plantation Shutters isn’t just about immediate comfort; it’s a strategic move to elevate your home’s value. Witness their allure in real estate listings, where they become a compelling selling point, attracting potential buyers.

Plantation Shutters in the bathroom Campbelltown
External Plantation Shutters in the bathroom Campbelltown 3

More than White Plantation Shutters

While white dominates the scene, plantation shutters offer a diverse colour palette to align with your decor. Consider this lounge room – the dark timber plantation shutters create a sophisticated media room effect, showcasing the flexibility in design.

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Break free from convention and infuse your style with a choice of colours. From warm earthy tones to bold statements, the spectrum allows customisation, transforming your plantation shutters into an integral part of your interior design.

What our clients say
More then 60 percent of our clients become repeat customers
TLP Gallery 6

Absolutely outstanding service from beginning to end. David is such a well mannered young man, so courteous and so professional. He’s done an awesome job and I highly recommend him. Thank you so very much.

Kathleen Brown

Tesla EV Charger 120x120 1

They done brilliant work installing my Tesla wall connector! Highly recommended very prompt and clean installation.

Blake Gard

TLP Gallery 6

McGrath Real Estate has been using the Local Plug for quite some time now and he is by the far the best electrician we have worked with. David and Brian look after our landlords and tenants with care and excellent quality of work. They are so prompt and informative with their updates. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Emily Ford

Outdoor Plantation Shutters Exist!

Think beyond the interior – discover the allure of outdoor plantation shutters. These shutters redefine traditional perceptions, gracing not only the inside but also bestowing a contemporary touch to your home’s exterior.

Plus, bonus? A refreshing cooling effect. No wonder, many clients favour the sophistication of exterior plantation shutters.

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Crafted from durable aluminium, these outdoor shutters stand resilient against the elements. Moreover, the aluminium serves as a canvas for personalisation, offering a spectrum of powder-coated colours.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the fusion of style and functionality that outdoor plantation shutters effortlessly bring.

External Plantation Shutters in the bathroom Campbelltown


Can Plantation Shutters be used externally?
Yes, you can also use Plantation Shutters externally as an affixed structure, using aluminium shutters to withstand the outdoor weather.
How are Plantation Shutters controlled?
Plantation Shutters are controlled by a rod. You can decide if you want it in the middle or to the side of the Shutters. With one touch, you can easily adjust the louvres and control the amount of light that filters into the room.
Why are Plantation Shutters energy efficient?
Plantation Shutters are constructed to prevent heat gain during the summer months and heat loss during winter. This makes them highly energy-efficient, helping keep your home comfortable throughout the year.